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Course structure and tutorial

168 hour TEFL / TESOL Course (Level 5)

1. module: Introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Unit 1: Historical background
Unit 3: Answering Common Questions
Unit 4: Recognising What Your Students Want from You
Unit 5: The Concept of Teaching Effectiveness
Unit 6: The Concept of Teaching

2. module: Lesson Planning

Unit 1: Student Levels
Unit 2: Structure List
Unit 3: Lesson Structures
Unit 4: Lesson Planning
Unit 5: Using course books and other materials
Unit 6: Get to Know You Activities and Warmers
Unit 7: Skills Based Lessons
Unit 8: Using Music to Teach English
Unit 9: One-to-One Teaching
Unit 10: Create your own lesson plan

3. module: English Grammar

Unit 1: Introduction
Unit 2: Other Grammatical Categories 
Unit 3: Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives and Adverbs
Unit 4: Noun Determiners, articles 
Unit 5: Verbs: Regular and Irregular Verbs, Finite and Infinitive Verb Forms, Modal Auxiliary
Unit 6: Use of Tenses
Unit 7: Conditionals 
Unit 8: U.S. vs. British English

4. module: TEFL Methodology

Unit 1: Teaching Methods
Unit 2: Suggestions for Using Selected Language Teaching Techniques
Unit 3: Overview of Language Skills: Listening and Reading
Unit 4: Overview of the Basic Language Skills: Speaking and Writing
Unit 5: Teaching Vocabulary

5. module: Classroom Management

Unit 1: Classroom Management and Teacher’s Roles
Unit 2: Classroom Management in the Language Class
Unit 3: Classroom Management Strategies
Unit 4: Effective questioning
Unit 5: Time fillers and warmers
Unit 6: Teaching young learners
Unit 7: Assessment and English Language Testing
Unit 8: Understanding Our Students’ Errors
Unit 9: Summary

6. module: Special Education Needs (SEN)

Unit 1: Introduction to Special Educational Needs (SEN) Teaching
Unit 2: Common types of SEN
Unit 3: Supporting Pupils with Special Educational Needs
Unit 4: Supporting Pupils with Autism
Unit 5: Supporting Pupils with Dyslexia
Unit 6: Supporting Pupils with ADHD

7. module: Teaching Practice

Unit 1: Lesson objectives and goals
Unit 2: Various lesson objectives
Unit 3: Purpose and principles of lesson planning
Unit 4: Deciding what to present for learning
Unit 5: Logical and sequenced planning
Unit 6: Main components of a lesson plan
Unit 7: Each step of the 5-Step Lesson Plan Template in detail
Unit 8: The 5-Step Lesson Plan in action, drawn up and demonstrated
Unit 9: Controlled and free exercises during lesson plan delivery
Unit 10: Evaluate, check and reflect before teaching
Unit 11: Follow your lesson plan but adapt it where necessary
Unit 12: How much time will lesson planning take?
Unit 13: Evaluating your lesson after it has been taught
Unit 14: Criteria for evaluating a lesson
Unit 15: Taking account of the evaluation for future lesson planning
Unit 16: Conclusion and Final Exam

Structure and process of the training course

Contact details of learning provider:
Contact details of instructors:

We will provide access to the online platform of in the confirmation email after enrolment. You can register on the platform by entering your email address and password. Once the registration is accepted, you can log in to the first module.

The modules are divided to several units. Each unit includes important information and facts on the main topic of the module. Since the units are incremental, all units should be read through several times, and learners should proceed to the following unit only after obtaining a deeper understanding.


Videos play an important role in interactive training. These are usually summaries, additional information or facts told by the instructors. Learners should always watch these attentively before proceeding.


The training course includes tests and free-text questions as well. Learners can fill in the tests through the online platform. The tests will be sent to us automatically, and we will send the evaluation via email. The essay should be uploaded in word or pdf format through the online platform. This will be assessed by the instructor in writing, and you will discuss it through the online consultation as well.

Upload a file

Once you complete a module, you will discuss your curriculum-related questions and the module-ending materials you’ve submitted with the instructor through a conferencing software (Zoom, Skype etc.). Since the training course is flexible, please make an appointment in advance with your instructor via You will get access to the next module after the consultation.

The final examination will be after completing Module 6. During the preparation phase, you will have to make your own lesson draft, and record a video to demonstrate how you would present the material using the methods learnt during the training course. We will provide further guidance on the final examination later on. If the instructor considers your submitted materials to be appropriate, live examination will take place through an online conferencing software.

After a successful final examination and written evaluation, we will submit your TEFL tutor certificate with British CPD accreditation.

Teacher Nicole's photo

Teacher Nicole, your personal online TEFL trainer

Tutor with 15 years experience, college teacher for 8 years, high school teacher for 5 years.

If you have any questions about the curriculum, please let me know.
You can contact me anytime via email: and when you finish a module, we will have an online meeting for further discussion through Zoom, Skype, or Messenger. 

Please contact me about the date for our meeting. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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